PET Straps

Polyester band is designed for packing heavy loads. The big quantity of undeniable advantages of high-strength PET strapping bands provides the growing demand for it. There appears a serious competition between PET and steel bands. PET strapping band is necessary for higher level of economy, prevention of damage to the products during transportation, simplification of loading and unloading processes, storage of goods, and to exclude the application of special means of transportation.

Advantages of PET bands

Polyester strapping band has tensile strength comparable to that of steel band, but exceeds it in a series of parameters: elasticity (or return memory), efficiency (polyester band is 7 times lighter than steel one), resistance to chemical influence and to shock loads.
Polyester strapping band has elastic elongation – a quality absent at steel bands.
For heavy products PET band is often more reliable and cheap packaging than steel band.
The tension of PET bands practically doesn’t change with time. It’s not sensible to UV, which allows to store goods in open areas, and withstands high temperatures. These qualities make polyester band an ideal packaging material. If the load volume decreases, PET band compensates it due to its ability to reverse deformation. PET band is strongly tensed, thus saving its clamping force.
The temperature range of PET bands use is from -70°С to +90°С. High heat resistance of PET bands makes it possible to use them for winding packages before placing them into a drying chamber.