PP Straps

Strapping bands are one of the most modern packaging materials. Strapping bands we offer are used for

  • packing of molded and piece goods (strips, paneling, furniture)
  • packing of bale goods (newspapers, magazines)
  • For drawing heavy loads (heavy boxes, metal, bricks, paving slabs on pallets)

Polypropylene strapping bands are simple, cheap and convenient packaging material. They are indispensable when products need to be stacked, packed into layers, when outer packaging(corrugated box, bale or sack) needs to be armored, when the weight of the goods needs to be stabilized on the pallets. A wide range of parameters of strapping bands allows using them for loads of any weights and sizes.

Polypropylene strapping bands have become acknowledged internationally as a cheap & reliable packaging material since long, and continue to increase their popularity in Middle-East.
PP strapping is produced of high-quality materials and has outstanding geometrical parameters which allow using it on mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines.

Polypropylene strapping band is a winding material coiled in to bobbins (reels). The advantages of applying strapping band are: lightness, strength, easiness of application, absence of rust and of spots on goods. Polypropylene bands don’t recoil like a spring, which prevents injuries. It also can be fully recycled.
Good plasticity and part pulling ability

  • Low density
  • Low volume cost
  • High strap tension
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good retained tension even loads move or shrink
  • No Corner damage of the load, low friction
  • No rust marks on product
  • Equal corner tension distribution
  • Non-metallic material and therefore non corrosive
  • Resists to high degree environmental influences
  • Easy handling for disposal or recycling process


  • With 100% virgin PP raw materials for the best quality High tensile strength and uniform quality
  • Excellent welding property
  • Good flexibility and weather ability
  • Compatible with any kind of auto-strapping machine and also semi-automatic machine
  • Improve your packaging productivity with the lower trouble rate of strapping machine.
  • Printing your logo or special words on strapping band is available
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